American Society for Industrial Security
Boston Chapter Member,
James Afshar, CPP, PH.D. Presents
his published book,
[Defense Strategies for Protection of People
and Facilities Against Bio-terrorism].
“The most important factor in a successful anti-terrorism
effort is general awareness of the public,
and state of readiness of individuals in government
and private sector who are responsible to protect
human lives. The main objective in this book is
advancing education skills of those involved or
concerned to combat terrorism. This book can serve
as a comprehensive reference for the students of
criminal justice and counter terrorism academic
programs and for those professionals responsible
for security and safety in their organizations. This
research and study was conducted by reviewing and
analyzing over 250 relevant articles and texts, and
in fact could be considered a brief summary of all
of the most important data reviewed and studies.
The main purpose of the author is advancing the
education of those involved or concerned to combat
terrorism, and not for financial or commercial
gain. A portion of the proceeds from the sales
of this book will be donated to the World Trade
Center Memorial Foundation, which will build two reflecting pools on the footprints of the original Twin
Towers, and the New Your Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund.”
Dr. James Asfshar graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement. He then earned a Masters
Degree in Public Administration and continued his graduate studies focusing on work environment safety
policy and criminal justice. In 2005, he completed his post graduate studies and received a Doctorate in
Engineering Management/Facilities & Public Protection Management. Dr. Afshar is a nationally Certified
Protection Professional, (CPP) and is an active member within the Boston Chapter of the American Society
for Industrial Security International. For more information please visit